Website Copy

In order to promote Dekalb County School District’s open teaching vacancies, I wrote a news story on two teachers who were new to the school district. The goal of the news release was to create engagement and to bring awareness about the upcoming job fair.  I asked the two teachers why they choose DCSD and what they were looking forward to in the upcoming school year. My tasks included interviewing, taking pictures, writing the article, proofreading and editing drafts, and uploading the story to the school district’s website. Click the link below to read the full article.

Social media copy

In order to promte the DCSD back-to-school rally, I created copy for social media accounts including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. I also created copy for email and text messaging notifications.

Newspaper Copy

When I was a journalism teacher at a middle school in Houston, TX., I created the school newspaper and yearbook with the support of a student staff. This photo was of our very first newspaper issue. I wrote the first story and titled it “The Birth of a Newspaper.” In addition to the first story, I proofread all students copy writing. The purpose of creating the newspaper was to build a sense of school community and to bring awareness to the positive and important matters surrounding our school. The students and I collaborated to make sure that our first issue of the newspaper was a success!

Anchor math rebrand copy

For the Anchor Math rebrand project, two other students and I came up with copy that could possibly work for social media and the company website. We did extensive research on the company, the target audience, and kept in mind the goal of acquiring existing customers and new customers.

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