Other Projects

Anchor Math formerly known as BBy Publications

Anchor Math Rebrand: I worked with two other students to create digital promotional materials for the recently re-branded company, Anchor Math. I created social media graphics for Twitter. I worked with the other two students to create messaging/copy and  sales funnels that would help aquire new customers and lead existing customers to a database for the company to send out more promtional matierals.


Black Belt Symposium: For this project, I worked with other students in rebranding this event in order to create engagement, to bring awareness to the event, and to have attendees better recognize the brand by changing the logo and name. My group renamed the event from Black Belt Art Symposium to Black Belt Arts and Culture Symposium. I choose the color for the new logo/brand identity as well. The new logo represent the idea of the arts better and attendees will be able to better identify with the brand and annual event. My group and I created promotional materials as well to promote the event.

DCSD Back-to-School rally

As a part of the school district’s Goal Area 2: Stakeholder Engagement & Communication, I was in charge of creating messaging and social media graphics in order to promote the Back-to-School Rally Event. I designed social media graphics for Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. I also wrote copy for email and school messanger.

NEWSY Case Study

I completed a case study and re-branding for the news company, Newsy. I updated the logo to better represent their brand style and messaging. The new logo also better identifies with their target market who seeks straight foward news with a balanced perspective. I also created a dynamic and staic mood board, SWAT analysis, and two personas. To the side, you will see the previous logos to the top and the updated logo that I redesigned below.

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